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What Do People Say About Us?

The following comments are from recent customer satisfaction surveys conducted by Pinnacle Quality Insight company in response questions asking what they appreciate or value most about Maryhill Manor.
  • “They are just caring there. It's an excellent place."
  • “They are comforting her [Mom] by giving her hugs and they are always attending her. She is never left alone, someone is always nearby." ”
  • “We are extremely happy with the care she is getting."
  • “It's clean, it's very friendly, and they are very caring. ”
  • “It's important to me that she is being shown respect and love. She is getting all that at Maryhill.”
  • “I appreciate the thoughtfulness and caring attention the people get there. ”
  • “They are very well-cared for with patience and understanding."
  • “He is treated as a person and as an individual with care and love."
  • “I appreciate the way they treat them like family, not a visitor or a guest, he is family. They are all wonderful people."
  • "They all stop to visit, they make it personal, they never rush. They listen to her as a person. They accomodated us with the greatest respect, it was like having a home outside of a home. If anyone is looking for a nursing home, I'd want them to come to this one. Even if they have to drive 100 miles, it's well worth it for their loved one."